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Happy Thanksgiving

Hello, dear friends of the Canadian Spiritist Movement,

On this Thanksgiving day, our hearts are filled with gratitude. Let us take a moment to thank God for the precious gift of life, appreciating the Creator for enabling our growth and development through various experiences that help shape our moral and intellectual foundations.

We cherish the Spiritist Movement, which has allowed us to strengthen the bonds of love and connection in the name of Spiritism. Through this invaluable experience, we find renewed hope and joy, and we’re truly fortunate to be part of it.

As we reflect today, let us contemplate the shared purpose that unites us and acknowledge the presence of those in our lives who continually inspire us to become better individuals.

May this day serve as a reminder of the power of gratitude and the beauty of unity. Let us carry these sentiments in our hearts throughout the year, spreading love and kindness wherever God’s will leads us.

Wishing you all a blessed and joyful Thanksgiving.

Thiago Leite

President, Canadian Spiritist Council

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